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Okay I know, it's probably not a big deal for some of you to have a short hair, but for me since I have never cut it this short; this is the first time in forever, so IT IS a big deal.

It all started when I got bored with my bun head. Oh, before I jump to the story, I have to tell you that I previously had a quite long hair. A lot of people perhaps had already known that I loved it when my hair was all up and out of my face - simply because it often disturbs myself while I am working. However, as a woman, I still want to look like I put quite an effort to style my long hair. And then, I happily found a very easy, super simple way to make it happen which was creating a messy bun. (well, it looked effortless actually haha but at least you styled it, right?)

I had been literally loving that particular bun head hairstyle for years. Until I came to the point where I felt like I needed something new, something more challenging (you know me :p). Some people told me to color my hair, they…

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