It is 2015 right now, so happy new year guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful NYE! <3

First of all, I really apologize for not posting anything for A YEAR. I had so many personal stuff to be done, because things went a bit complicated lately. However, thank to Jesus Christ, I eventually could get through them. Formerly, I thought I would not be able to blog again, but......
well, I am blogging right now and I am extremely happy for that! :D

To be honest, when I was still in Bandung, I missed Bali so bad. I have been studying in Faculty of Economics majoring Management there and I could not let a single day past without planning things that I would do in Bali, and also places that I wanted to visit there. Yea, I missed it so freakin' much. hahahaha seriously. I was arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport on the 23rd of December 2014.
But as I have mentioned before that I got a lot of things to do, so I am really sorry for not letting you guys know earlier.

So, here is my #ootd (outfit of the day) when I went to Seminyak Square yesterday.

I feel incredibly great in this white chiffon crop top that I bought from
Ms. Selfridge. I am totally in love with this top ; not only because it is cropped, which is so perfect for the weather, but also because it has a crochet detailing at the bottom of it, which I think is extremely lovely. Since I am wearing a crop top, I decided to throw on a red high waisted skort (looks like skirt but actually it is a short). It is so cute because it has clean lines which make it looks as it is folded - just like an origami artwork. Love it! However, ... It is not mine :( hahaha practically it is my sister's hehehe I borrowed it. lol. Well, that is one of the great advantages of having a coeval sister, you know! ;) For the footwear, I am wearing red sandals/wedges that are given from my uncle. They are surprisingly so comfortable yet also fashionable, right?
In the pictures, I am also wearing a black fedora hat that I bought from Forever21.
Uh! I still remember the moment when I saw that hat for the very first time - I just fell in love with it instantly. hihihi. I am wearing a 'wake-up-and-kiss-me' handbag that (I believe) is from Bershka.
It is also my sister's :'D hahaha. But then it turned out to be my favorite bag. lol! Sorry sis.
I wear it like almost everyday. ssstttt. hehehe. For the jeweleries, I am wearing a necklace which is given from my beloved mother and a ring that I bought from a local store called Diva.

That is it! Thankyou for reading my blog.
See you in my next one! Stay classy, peeps!

with love, Imme ❤


  1. What a lovely look! :)
    Where did you/your sister buy the skort? And how much was it? Thanks

  2. You`re pretty^^

    New post ♥
    Please click on the link to the word Choies, writed in a post, important transition link^^

  3. waa love our outfit, really cute :D
    ur hair is also gorgeous :D

  4. I love your style and your photos :)
    I can't wait to read upcoming posts.
    Hope to see you soon on my blog


  5. Such a pretty outfit! Thanks for commenting on my blog. And yes Pride and Prejudice is such a wonderful movie...I´m not the fondest person of period pieces but after I saw it there´s was no way back, I fell in love. I would also suggest watching Under the Tuscan does not really have a heavy plot but is one of those feel good movies and the views and landscapes are amazing! I think you can even find it on youtube.


  6. That's a cool outfit!
    You look so cute xD
    Thanks for your comment on my blog :D


  7. Those wedges are so cool and your outfit very pretty! You are such a beauty and your legs and wonderful :) Gorgeous shots!! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  8. Love your outfit (especially that lace top and the wedges) and you are so pretty!
    Bershka is one of my favourite shops: love the bag, too.

    x Cloudy Dreams Would mean a lot if you visited my blog!

  9. oh dear, you're so pretty! love the outfit too x

  10. Wow! this red skort is beautiful and suit perfect on you hun! Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  11. Love ur wavy hair and ur whole sweet look :)

    Check out my fashion beauty blog,

  12. Imme you're so pretty and young! Envy you <3
    Reds look good on you, and you nailed it, girl!
    So, are you living in Bandung now?

    Keep writing ya <3 I'm following you
    Have a good day

    Angel's BLOG

    1. Awww! Thankyou Angel! xx
      Well, I'm studying in a uni in Bandung,
      but now I'm still in a holidayyy! :D
      So, I'm currently in my beloved hometown - aka : Bali, Indonesia.

      Have a blessed day, Angel <3

  13. very nice and nice and cute...nice trip...

  14. Beautiful outfit! I'm in love with your top, it's gorgeous. I love the hat also. Great look!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  15. your fashion sense is so dope

  16. so pretty! you're outfit is perfect for Valentines day dear! I totally love the origami skorts :) nice one! I love red! It's more perfect if you put your red lippie on :)


  17. pretty and cute !!
    love how you style your hair and in love with your outfit !
    looks great on you ^ ^


  18. Hello lovely! I am returning to enjoy these pictures another time. You are so beautiful and those legs are so gorgeous and exciting. Made my night amazing again :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely


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