Sea Circus

Hello everybody!
How are you guys? I hope you all have a great day so far! :D
I’ve been so busy lately because I have a bunch of crazy things to do. But thank God, I could spend one day to go to one of my favorite restaurants in Bali to have a lil break. And Today I have a video of that place for you, guys! *yaaayyy* *dancing* hahahha xD

Address: SEA CIRCUS Restaurant, Bar, & Coffee Den – Kayu Aya Street num. 22 (Oberoi), Seminyak, Bali. 

The video basically was just a little review of the amazing place yet I also decided to share what I wore to the restaurant. I really, really hope that you will enjoy my video, and if you really do please kindly give it a thumbs up, feel free to comment too! (and subscribe if you want more videos like that ^ ^)

Happy watching, peeps! 
Here’s the link :

PS: just a little FYI here, it was INCREDIBLY hot right there, people! It was exactly 32 degrees Celcius! Seriously! X___X (anyway that photo was taken by :  

with love, Imme ❤


  1. Hi thanks for commenting on my blog! So the post you commented on was asking what you wanted to learn how to draw. So what would you like to learn how to draw?


  2. good. follow back

  3. Your videos are always so adorable and lovely! You have such a talent for making them. The restaurant looks so cool and yes especially the bathroom :) And your outfit is so pretty with the daisy top and bright bag. Enjoyed seeing so much of those gorgeous legs and that belly too ;) Was wonderful for me! You are so lovely and cute and full of joy! You always make me smile, dear! Kisses

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. Cool! I like this video so much! You are beautiful! And the place, really awesome! Good job, girl ;)

  5. What a cool place dear! couldn't watch the video as of this moment but I'm sure it looks great! :)

    love lots.

  6. It looks like a great place! I like all the artwork on the wall. I really liked your outfit and the food looks yummmy! Great video! ^^
    Celestial Love

  7. I do find the decors really well put. I do like the bathroom as well what with that big mirror and lights. And the rings, never heard or seen them before, you are really up to date! Great job Imme!

  8. Oh very interesting place

  9. It looks so pretty! Btw I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger Award'! You just need to share 7 facts for us and all the other information is on my blog~ I'm looking forward to your answers!
    Jenny ♥

  10. wah keren perjuangan bikin videonya yah sukses terus yah.... cool

  11. thats sounds cool. Please Check out my blog and post a comment on it thanks.

  12. Lovely video, keep up the good works.
    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles


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