Being Alive

I know, it has been forever.
So, first of all, I need to apologize to you all for not posting anything in (almost) a year. I’ve been really, REALLY busy lately.

As you guys have already known, I was formerly a student of Faculty of Economics Majoring Management in Bandung, but then in 2015, I moved to Jakarta and changed my major to Fashion Design then end up having a lot of tasks, works, and projects – which are great and fun because I enjoy making them, but also tiring at the same time. (those are the reasons why I can't sit and talk to you guys :' huhu but here I am now! It's a pleasure to write (again), I miss you so much! <3)

So, a recent study found that having a hobby makes us happier and healthier. And we all know that after all, life is all about being happy and healthy; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Therefore, every single one of us SHOULD has a hobby. As for me, I love drawing, dancing, writing, reading, video-making, learning and developing new skills, and so much more. Yet, today I'm only gonna talk about one of 'em. I sincerely want to transmit one by one, but if I do that I'm pretty sure that this post is going to be a novel. LOL. So....

I love drawing as much as I love having a cup of Fior Di Latte gelato while sitting on a comfy cushioned wooden bench with a breathtaking beach view on a beautiful, beautiful sunny day. Goodness, it sounds so great, does it? Oh, I miss Bali :(
Okay, back to the topic. To a 5 year old Imme, drawing is one of a leisure activity that she does for fun. However, as time goes by, she finds it beyond pleasure, a lot deeper than just an enjoyment. 

as I have mentioned before, I'm a fashion design student now and being a fashion design student makes me overwhelmingly fall deep in love, head over heels, and all over again - with drawing. :')

BONUS PHOTO : (haha)
Here you are! xx

"a hobby is a must in everyone's life 
because it makes us feel alive" - Imme Kristiani
So, what's yours?

PS : Trust me, I did my VERY BEST at making a fierce face expression in the picture. I know that I'm not good at it, but well at least I tried. Hahaha, weird. LOL :D xx

From Jakarta, Indonesia
with love, Imme ❤


  1. Wow!! so glad to hear from you again Imme!!!! I love your sketches and I am also glad that you are having the time of your life as a fashion design student! all the best for you dear and I hope to read more from you!

    love lots,

  2. I have no formal training in sketching and I am so bad in making figures and faces. Yours are incredibly good, so jealous just looking at them. The lines and the curves, not to mention the patterns, are simply astonishing. Welcome back, your youtube postings are still visible in my subscription so you can just add mine, once I know how, ha,ha,ha! Anyway, good luck to your new endeavour and all the best Imme!

  3. Welcome back, girl. Beautiful illustrations and I love love love your OOTD! And I like your fierce face expression ;) Happy new week.

  4. I have been missing you, dear! Your posts are always so positive and sweet, full of life. And wow you are a wonderful artists!! So glad you are going to be working in fashion. With your style and color sense you will do great things :) I really like the shot of you at the end too! I miss seeing you so much. You know I have enjoyed your outfit posts many wonderful times, especially those red shorts. Did again tonight ;) Kisses

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  5. Awesome drawing Imme! how are you? long time didn't hear from you :)

    Best, Albert
    Palming Pebbles | FB | IG | Bloglovin


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